E-School Management System​.

SchoolTool: Empowering Education Through Technology​

SchoolTool: the Global Student Information System


SchoolTool is a free, open source, web-based student information system for a single school, including student enrollment and demographics, grading and grade reporting, tracking student achievement of skills, competencies or outcomes, attendance, calendars, and intervention tracking. It is also a framework for building customized applications and configurations for individual schools or states

Key features

Demographics and Personal Data:

  • A school can customize the fields of demographic and other data stored for each person.
  • Each field can store textual, date, boolean (yes/no) data, or a selection from a list of defined choices.
  • Fields can be assigned specifically to teachers, students, administrators, or all people.

Contact Management:

  • Personal contact information includes address, phone, email, and contact language.
  • Each student can be associated with one or more adult contacts; multiple students can be associated with a single adult contact.

Teacher Gradebooks: Enhance communication and collaboration through dedicated portals that allow parents and teachers to stay connected, share updates, and monitor student achievements.

Scheduling and Timetables: Create and manage class schedules efficiently, ensuring optimal resource allocation and minimizing conflicts.

Attendance Tracking: Keep accurate records of student attendance and generate reports to monitor trends and address attendance.

Communication Tools: SchoolTool offers a variety of communication channels, including announcements, notifications, and messaging, fostering seamless interaction between all stakeholders.

Curriculum Management: Design, implement, and manage curriculum plans while aligning with educational standards and objectives.

Resource Management: Efficiently allocate and track educational resources, such as textbooks, equipment, and facilities, ensuring optimal utilization.

Analytics and Reporting: Leverage data analytics to gain valuable insights into student performance, classroom dynamics, and overall institutional effectiveness.

Customization and Integration: SchoolTool can be customized to match the unique requirements of your institution and seamlessly integrates with existing systems.



What is TODCM? – The very first open source software application for curriculum mapping. No software license fees.

TODCM does not dictate how curriculum mapping should be done. TODCM is a software framework that helps schools and organizations to implement a curriculum mapping tool according to their own specific requirements. TODCM is not limited to UbD, PYP and MYP, it can support any unit page format due to its flexible template driven unit pages. 

Any K12 school, university, education related NGO, education related government agency, or company with a large number of training programs can benefit from using TODCM.

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